The Natural way

“Only by organic farming in harmony with nature, can India sustainably provide abundant wholesome food and meet the basic need of all – to live in health, dignity and peace” are the words of Mr. Bhaskar Save, one of the most known organic farmers of the country.So did Sir Masanobu Fukuoka from Japan, practiced and demonstrated to the world. You can just google and know more of them for sure.

There was only natural farming in this country before the first ever green revolution (rather the chemical fertilizers and pesticides) stepped in around late 1960. No great shakes about it as it’s simply the wonderful technique of growing food naturally and without much interference with Mother Nature.

Here, at Farm of Happiness, we humbly try to listen to her and learn from her. Some times we succeed and at times we don’t in understanding her. But the co-relation has been providing us with some wonderful insights to live happy. Come here and experience the joy of plucking a fresh fruit that’s touched with nothing else but dewdrops and sunshine… and you will agree with us, naturally!