Eat Consciously

So much do we know about the latest Bollywood and Hollywood affairs… the best mobile phones and their technical specifications… the details of the game England won over Germany last night or the exact amount of a scam some ex-minister of the state is involved in!

Now, just take a glance at the food in your plate and see if you know what species of rice are you eating, how and why some brown rice is better to that, if and what pesticides were sprayed on the fruit that you’re biting in! When was the first or last time when you ate any food grown naturally or fresh from the farm?

Essentially, what we want to convey is… eating consciously does not only mean knowing the nutrition facts mentioned on the pack of processed food you buy. As a consumer of food, we all too are an important link in the chain of the agricultural production process.

Unless we evolve with some basic knowledge of the food production process, we would never know why do all the bananas or the mangoes in the market look perfectly yellow as if painted from a factory. Or do they paint them chemically? Isn’t it harmful to us? If yes, how can we stop the mall practices rather than just avoid? At ‘Farm- of Happiness’, we make a sincere effort to share our understandings of the basics of agricultural process so that we all can live healthy and happy. After all… ‘We are what we eat!”