Rahul & Sampada

the farmer couple

Why and how did we land into farming?

Hi there…
What a pleasure having you reading about us as a farmer couple and not an advertising man or his actress wife! Yes, yes, yes! That’s right! I have been a Creative director in advertising for more than 20 yrs and so much or more has been spent by Sampada in her multi-dimensional career as an actress, classical dancer, author and an anchor. So then, why and how did we land into farming?

In our late 30’s while running the so-called creative rat races in our lives, we stumbled upon a simple question, are we happy?

In the process of looking for an answer and solutions for a happy future, we thought of moving to a small village in konkan called ‘Phungus’… our native place, with an idea of building up a nature resort there.

It was Mr. Shekhar Bhadsavle, the entrepreneur farmer who introduced the concept of Agro-Tourism to India and now our Guru, calmed down the restless us making us understand the importance of our ancestrally owned lands. He convinced us and made us believe in the necessity of more and especially the youth, going into farming for a happier living of self and the world. We off course agreed with him and decided to put ourselves forward as an example.

Both born and brought up in the suburbs of Mumbai with no agricultural background at all, then decided to take up a challenge of growing food the way we can. And thus started a whole new process of transformation of a Creative Director and an actress into earthy but prudent ‘rurban’ farmers (The Urban modernity combined with the Rural earthiness… is how we love to put it).

Welcome to ‘Aanandache Shet’ for some more chats over some early morning farm-grown lemon grass tea.