‘Kalamohor’ at ‘Farm of Happiness’ is a unique concept.

The tagline “In company of the artist and the art” itself, explains the essence of this novel idea.

Farm of Happiness is known to be the best agro tourism destination in Ratnagiri district of Konkan.

The idea behind the concept Kalamohor is to celebrate various forms of art with the farmlife.
Imagine staying in company of a renowned artist! For two full days you would not just seeing the artist but also get to chat with him or her, dine with, listen to and enjoy the spontaneous presentation by the artist. This could happen over a cup of tea in the morning or over a walk at the farm with artist. Or this may happen under a tree in the farm or in the moonlight in the aangan! Many times through the day we would get to enjoy listening to the artist’s experiences, philosophy in his art and more. Neither will there be any stage, nor any anchor… It would just be us sitting around the artist and getting smitten by the treasures he or she would be unfolding in front of us!

This is not a formal event or a concert but moments of pure bliss, at Farm of Happiness!

Kalamohor 2024

One does not have to be a musician, writer or a trained artist to enjoy Kaushal’s company at Farm of Happiness in Kalamohor 2024. All you need is being interested in knowing his art, his wisdom and his compositions.̉

Popularly recognized across the world for the beautiful music composed for “The Marathi Abhiman Geet” (Marathi Language Anthem), The talented young composer Kaushal Inamdar has composed music for many Feature films, TV shows, Theatrical Plays and albums. His blogs and writeups on various subjects in music, arts and more subjects reflect profoundness and deeper perspectives. Kalmohor. Is an opportunity to understand his journey in music, poetry and more in his words, while we also enjoy his company during the three days stay at the farm. There is no formal show or presentation over stage but all this would simply and candidly happen over lots of chats in the front yard of the traditional Konkani house or over a walk through the farm and even by the cliff over the while with the Sun setting in the background! “What could be a better way to enjoy the company of an artist!”

In case you have missed out on the music and the blogs by Kaushal, clicking on the links below will help bridging the gap:

An approximate idea of the Kalamohor Schedule for 3 days:

April 11 - (Day 1)
From 4:00 to 7:00 pm, the arrival of tourists, informal introduction, and general gapshap over some snacking and cup of tea.

April 12 - (Day 2)
Morning Session – Kaushal and all tourists go for the farm tour (Introduction to Farming at Farm of Happiness). During the walk at the farm, we all will enjoy conversations with Kaushal and his music and more subjects.)

Afternoon Session – Post the Lunch and relaxation, there will be question-answer sessions and more discussions with Kaushal.

Evening Session - A refreshing outdoor walk on the serene plateau, observing nature and birds, followed by discussions, singing, and openhearted candid chatting sessions in the beautiful outdoor.

Night "Kau-Jagiri" session - Even if there won’t be the Kojagiri Pournima’s full moon in the skies, the atmosphere will be filled with the joyful company and of music by Kaushal. Everyone will gather in the courtyards of house at the farm. All we need is a cup of coffee in the hand. Attentive and mindful listening to his beautiful compositions and narrations.

April 13 - (Day 3)
Morning Session – Together, we all go for cashew picking under cashew trees in the farm. Be sure, cashew picking is just an excuse. Discussions, singing, fun filled chats over wonderful poetry is what we will be harvesting that morning!.

Afternoon Session – Post the Lunch and relaxation break, the candid chatting and musical sessions with Kaushal Inamdar will continue. What may change is just another interesting location and setting at the farm.

Evening Session - Another refreshing walk outside the farm. How about some melodious compositions and tunes by Kaushal with the Sunset by the valley?. The candid interactions, discussions, question and answer sessions will follow, obviously. And also formally, Kalamohor 2024 ends this evening.

April 14 - (Day 4)
After having breakfast together, everyone bids farewell for their return journey.

And among all these events... You will experience the charm of living in the countryside, enjoying authentic Marathi and Konkani rural culture, and savoring traditional meals throughout the day."

“Kalamohor” Package* Tariff for 

The total attendance for Kalamohor is limited to 28 individuals.

Arrangement 1

View Rooms

The homestay at Farm of Happiness has a total of 6 rooms for guest travellers. Among these, one room is reserved for the invited artist. The remaining 5 rooms are expected to accommodate 4 individuals each (through sharing). Each room has one double bed and two single beds (cots). Each room also has an attached bathroom with an English toilet.

Arrangement 2

An additional accommodation for 8 people is arranged in another homestay in the village, which is about 15 minutes away from Farm of Happiness. Theses occupants are expected to return to this arrangement at night, freshen up in the morning and come back to Farm of Happiness in the morning to spend the day with Kaushal and other guests for Kalamohor Experience. A Tata Sumo veichle is arranged for the back and forth transportation.

The total cost for Kalamohor residence is Rs. 11,000 per person.

This includes:

2 days and 3 nights stay (Check-in on April 11, 2024, at 4:00 PM - Check-out on April 14, 2024, at 10:00 AM)
Company with the artist and his artistic presentations.
Morning tea/coffee/milk
Breakfast with tea/coffee/milk
Vegetarian lunch
Evening tea/coffee/cocoa sherbet
Vegetarian dinner


Booking is mandatory for the entire duration.
To confirm your participation, 100% advance payment is required.
Additional information about local-style non-vegetarian meals and only advance notice can be provided at extra cost.
Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited in the premise and even during the stay period.

Cancellation policy for Kalamohor 2024:
If canceled at least 21 days before your check-in date, a full refund of the advance amount will be given.
If canceled between 21-15 days before your check-in date, 50% of the total amount will be deducted as cancellation charges, and the remaining amount will be refunded.
If canceled within the last 15 days before your check-in date, 100% of the total amount will be deducted as cancellation charges.

Kalamohor 2023

In 2023, we had the honor of inviting the renowned sculptor Shri Bhagwan Rampure for the 'Kalamohor' event. Many enthusiastic art lovers had the opportunity to experience the stay at Farm of Happiness, and experience the art of sculpting from up close.

The arts like music or dance are known to be performing art but Sculpting surely is not . Despite the challenge Rampure ji kept the traveller guests captivated for three days with a live demonstration of sculpting clay portrait. He succeeded in leaving an indelible mark on the appreciative spectators with his artistic presentations.

The difficulty of preserving the captivating essence of these moments for the audience was overcome by the seasoned artist's skillful performances and a friendly approach. Truly, this was a unique and immersive experience for the guests of ‘Kalamohor’.

Although capturing these moments in a video is challenging, this small video is an attempt to convey the essence of the 'Kalamohor' event.

Kalamohor 2022

In the first ever ‘Kalamor in 2022, we were honoured with the company of Young and famous Flutist Ashwin Sriniwasan.

And a select group of guests that were hungry for this candid musical experiment made it the perfect audience for a magical journey through three days. All the sessions at various locations in and around the farm were filled with the magical notes of Ashwinji’s flute. May it be at the farm, on the Machaan, by the side of the valley or in the isolated temple on the plateau… all we experienced was ecstacy with the music from his flute blended with the mystically beautiful nature around. It is not at all possible to help you experience that through a video. Yet, this is only a small glimpse! Enjoy!

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