experience farming

Time to play the real Farmville… While your breakfast is getting ready, our team will already be down at different locations of the farm for the ongoing seasonal farm work.

Grab a wholesome breakfast and just jump into the soil with an equipment of your choice. Choose from any work activity of you choice that’s going on at the farm.

Our team will happily assist you, explain and demonstrate the use of the equipment and be with you as you join hands. Trust us… there are a huge variety of tasks to handle all the time that includes, preparing a plot for cultivation, weeding, sowing, ploughing, harvesting, feeding or washing the cattle and what not!

Have a little want to learn or know about all the ‘why’s and the ‘how’s and we will gladly explain so that you practice it back in town with your own kitchen or balcony farms!

So go on, cut, sow, stomp, dig, climb, pluck, sweat… get dirty… get clicked…. have a lot of fun. And build some gooood appetite to savor the yummy noon meals, too!