fun rides

At ‘Farm of Happiness’, we give you more reasons to celebrate happiness. May it be your peaceful afternoons in the hammocks or your energetic impulses for more fun, here’s how you can.

Hurrrrrrrrr, ha ha…. Ha ha…..Go for some fun ride on the rough terrain in the surroundings of the farm. Hop in to it and cheer with joy as you sit behind enjoying every unexpected jolt of the Bullock cart.

Grab the handles of the bicycles and just get going. Breathe in the fresh air to fill your lungs with happiness as you paddle it up and down on the paths of the breezy, grassy terrain.

Just about 8-10 kms away from the farm is the creek of Jaigadh. Get into the boat for an exciting view of the farms and the tiny villages on the banks. Do not miss the jumping fish and the kingfishers diving in to catch those. Dip your feet letting the trickles of water make you feel nothing else but blissss!